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SciUn Research Journal is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed and open access journal that publishes original research, review and data papers emphasizing the importance of science (biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, agriculture, health science and engineering).

Scientific knowledge is increasing day by day with the advent of technology and research. Recent advancement has led to unlimited research data. SciUn Research Journal provides the relevance of current scientific knowledge and the importance of unique developmental events which is a first step to improving human being. The journal retains its traditional interest in unlimited research data generated through various hypotheses that are of relevance to communities for sustainable development for a better future.



SciUn Research Journal calls, scholars, engineers, academics, scientists, industrial professionals and researchers from all over the world to submit their unpublished original work for inclusion in our upcoming issue.


SciUn Research Journal highly welcomes theoretical, technical, research, as well as empirical papers from all areas of research in the area of technology innovation and emerging trends.


All submissions will be reviewed independently and evaluated based on originality, technicality and relevance to present scientific contributions.


All accepted articles will be published online in the upcoming issue of the journal.


SciUn Research Journal follows strict guidelines (based on International and National policy) for review, plagiarism check, ethics, funding resources, indexing and abstracting of manuscript.

Aim and Scopes


Science Unlimited Research Journal (SciUn) aims to serve as permanent and transparent forum for the presentation and discussion of research via peer-reviewed policy.


The purpose of journal is to improve natural knowledge via interdisciplinary research.


Science Unlimited Research Journal (SciUn) follows Open Access policy. Published material is freely available to all interested online readers.


This model provides immediate, worldwide, barrier-free access to the full text of research articles without requiring a subscription to the articles published in this journal.


The publication costs are covered by the Author/ Authors Institution or Research Funds. However, we have waiver support system for valid reasons.


There is 25% discount on international fees for low economic countries, SAARC member’s BRICS members and Indo-African partners. We also provide waiver to East Asian countries (Act East policy to present Indian Government).

CopyRight Form Download

The transfer of copyright gives SciUn the right to develop, promote, distribute, sell, and archive a body of scientific works throughout the world. The Author hereby grants and assigns to SciUn all rights in Author’s work and contributions to the work. In connection with this assignment, the Author acknowledges that SciUn will have the right to print, publish, create derivative works, and sell the work throughout the world, all rights in and to all revisions or versions or subsequent editions of the Work in all languages and media throughout the world. The author(s), reserve the following rights:

  • All proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights.
  • The right to use all or part of this article, including tables and figures in future works of their own, provided that the proper acknowledgment is made to the Publisher as copyright holder.
  • The right to make copies of this article for his/her own use, but not for sale.

Instructions for Author

All submitted Research manuscripts must follow pattern attached herein.

Contact us for full detail of Copy write a form, Authors guidelines, Plagiarism policy or any earlier issue.

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Conference: International Conference & Integrated Meeting (ICIM-BHU FEB 19-20 ,2018; ICIS-August 2018)

Location: Varanasi (India) and Bhopal (India)


International Conference & Integrated Meeting (ICIM-2018)
Date of Conference
Februray 19-20, 2018

International Conference of Interdisciplinary Science: (August 2018)
Date of Conference
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Physical Sciences
Agriculture Sciences
Health Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Biological Sciences
Chemical Sciences
Other areas of Science (Maths, Anthropology, Geology etc.)
Management and Social sciences
Ethical and law Issues
Mode: Oral and Poster (e poster preferred)


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